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As I was in a CTA bus in Chicago yesterday, fond memories of the Hong Kong super fast transit system came to mind.  The image blurred and gave way to one of colorful trams in front of the HSBC building in HK.  These trams run exclusively on double-deckers and is the only tramway or 香港電車 in the world to do so.  Several tourists hop on to a tram to see Hong Kong island all the way from Shau Kei Wan to Kennedy Town, thus covering the island in less than a day.

We couldn’t stop staring at these vehicles – not just for their historic value but also for their advertising impact. Almost all trams we saw were painted from top to bottom with an advertisement beckoning the viewer to douse herself in perfume or to buy home insurance and be safe. Bright, colorful and painted all over the tram, these ads were yelling Buy me now! to the consumer.   From afar, these trams looked like full-page newspaper color ads with tiny people in passport photos staring out at the reader. If only these trams had colorful lights all over them – they would have made a mobile Times Square!

– Deepa


My Cherie Amor

Red Carpet Entrance to the Asian Film Awards

Red Carpet Entrance to the Asian Film Awards

Tuxedos, bright lights and gold – all  part of the   3rd Annual Asian Film Awards. As a journalist, I’ve covered large events. I’ve filmed major basketball games, political events and conventions. None of them were quite like this. In fact, none of us had been to an event like this… and our “greenness”  to posh, star studded events was pretty apparent.

I definitely dressed like I was going to be on the red carpet…and technically I suppose I was – just not the right side of it. We were journalist.

Press gathered backstage for photo shoot

Press gathered backstage for photo shoot

It was our job to join the ranks of Reuters, The New York Times and The International Herald Tribune and cover this event. I lugged cameras, jockeyed for positions and took pictures

while wearing one of my favorite suits. Still, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. I mixed and mingled with the biggest stars in Asia at an awards show broadcast to 300 million people across the world!

But all this was just a drop in the bucket. The main reason I loved this event is because I scored a date. Zhou Xun, winner of best actress, actually

Zhou Xun and I discussing her future plans

Zhou Xun and I discussing her future plans

picked me out of the crowd and asked me out. We’re suppose to travel to Tokyo today. OK, maybe that’s just the way I pictured it. She did talk to me, however. I asked her about how her success in the Asian film industry has changed her outlook and whether she would want to branch out towards the West. According to her, as an actress, she’s open to any new opportunities. We chatted for a little longer, I congratulated her on her award and yes, my heart did skip many, many beats.